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blcowboy620   b-Black Label Cowboy Rib Eye - Premium Black Angus (2 - 20oz Steak)
blStrip6   b-Black Label NY Strip Steaks (6 Steaks - 10oz each)
blporterhouse620   b-Black Label Porterhouse Steak - Premium Black Angus (2 - 20oz)
Burger-FM   b-Burgers - Filet Mignon Brisket (8 Burgers)
primeribcooked   b-Fully Cooked, Boneless Prime Rib Roast (1 roast - 12-14lbs)
9ribeye   b-Premium Center Cut Rib-Eye Steaks (6 Steaks)
pfiletmedallion   b-Premium Filet Mignon Medallions (8 Steaks)
ptopSirloin8   b-Premium Filet of Sirloin Steaks (8 Steaks)
pStrip6   b-Premium NY Strip Steaks (6 Steaks)
Omburgers   b-Premium Sirloin Burgers (12 burgers)
santafe6   b-Santa Fe Steaks (6 Steaks)
Steak-Butter   b-Seasoned Steak Butter Sauce (4oz)
fundraising   Bistro Fundraising
abfchick   ch-Antibiotic Free Chicken Breast (8 Breasts)
abffingers   ch-Antibiotic Free Chicken Fingers (2.5lbs)
cordonblue   ch-Chicken Cordon Bleu (4)
chpotpie6   ch-Chicken Pot Pies (6 Pies)
appletartlet   d-Caramel Apple Tartlets (12 Tartlets)
chocdrops   d-Chocolate Covered Cheesecake Drops (16 Drops)
tiramisucups   d-Chocolate Tiramisu Cups (12 Cups)
cookiedough   d-Cookie Dough - David's (48 - .9oz Preformed Cookies)
ezpeel   f-EZ Peel Shrimp (2lbs)
scalcrabsole   f-Fillet of Sole Stuffed with Scallops and Crab (6 portions)
mahimahi   f-Mahi Mahi (8 Filets)
salmonfnc6   f-Salmon Filet Center Cut - Norwegian (6 Filets)
searedtuna1   f-Seared AHI Tuna (8pkgs - approx. 56 slices)
Tilapia   f-Tilapia Filets (8 Filets)
tunasteak8   f-Tuna Steaks - Sushi Grade (8 Steaks)
h-porkchop   p-Pork Chop - Bone In Center Cut Premium (6 Chops)
omporkfilets   p-Pork Chop - Boneless Center Cut Premium (10 Chops)
porktenderloin   p-Pork Tenderloin - Center Cut (3 Tenderloin)
sausagehot   p-Sausage - Hot Italian (12 Sausages)
sausagesweet   p-Sausage - Sweet Italian (12 Sausages)
shrimp2   sf-Shrimp - Jumbo Uncooked - Tail On (2lb)
ribs   Signature Sauced Baby Back Ribs (2 Racks)
beeflasagna   sp-Beef Lasagna (3 - 24oz trays)
Risotto   sp-Pepper Jack Risotto Cakes (16 Cakes)
pizzacheese   sp-Pizza - Personal Pan - Cheese (12 Pies)
PAu-Gratin   sp-Potatoe Au Gratin (16 Potatoes)
st-potatoe   sp-Stuffed Baked Potatoes (10 Potatoes)

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