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Antibiotic Free Chicken Breast
ch-Antibiotic Free Chicken Breast (8 Breasts)
Our Price: $39.00

100% USDA Certified Antibiotic Free Chicken Cutlets that are completely cleaned, trimmed, and individually sealed for freshness and taste. We select only the freshest and most flavorful cutlets to enhance your favorite chicken recipes or grill time favorites.
Antibiotic Free Chicken Fingers
ch-Antibiotic Free Chicken Fingers (2.5lbs)
Our Price: $46.00

100% USDA Certified Boneless Strips of Antibiotic Free Chicken Tenderloins that are lightly coated with plain bread crumbs. So healthy, so easy and so good! Heat up these strips and place in your favorite garden salad. Serve the kids a healthy meal of these strips with their favorite dipping sauce.
Chicken Cordon Bleu
ch-Chicken Cordon Bleu (4)
Our Price: $44.00

Boneless, skinless breast meat stuffed with country ham and Swiss cheese, rolled, breaded, and sautéed until juicy-crisp and savory. Perfectly seasoned, they are ready to pop into the oven whenever the urge hits for something delicious! Special enough for a candlelight dinner; or slice up on a platter for a fabulous crowd pleaser.
Chicken Pot Pies
ch-Chicken Pot Pies (6 Pies)
Our Price: $43.00

A comfort food classic. Our Chicken Pot Pies are loaded with large meaty chunks of completely trimmed chicken, carrots and peas in a deliciously seasoned gravy then covered with a flaky puff pastry crust. A mouthwatering meal in minutes. Hot and bubbly straight from the oven, just like Grandma used to make!